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Welcome to B&E Datalinks. We provide links to econ & financial FX Bonus Trade data sources of interest to economists and business statisticians. This page is a project sponsored by the Business and Economics (B&E) Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association (ASA). We provide users with a comprehensive set of links to data sites on the Web along with a user-based assessment of the quality of each site. We also provide users the capability to suggest additional high quality sites that could be added to DataLinks. Over time we will modify the evaluation of each site and add additional sites based on your feedback to us.

Aaron Tenenbein,
2004 Chair of the Business and Economic Statistics Section of the ASA

Thomas Shively,
2004 Chair-Elect of the Business and Economic Statistics Section of the ASA

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Introducing recommended vendors who have overseas Forex bonuses.

● GEMFOREX, the number one bonus for overseas Forex FX

Currently, GEMFOREX is offering an account opening bonus of 20,000 yen for a limited time. There are other vendors that offer account opening bonuses, but GEMFOREX is one of the best and most expensive.

After creating a new account with GEMFOREX, you can easily get a bonus just by submitting the photo data of your address certificate and ID card. One of the benefits is that there is no hassle to get an account opening bonus.

In addition, GEMFOREX cannot withdraw the bonus itself, but of course you can withdraw "profit generated by transactions using the bonus".

● No. 2 bonus for overseas Forex iFOREX FX

iFOREX is holding a deposit bonus campaign! If you deposit up to 100,000 yen, you will get a 100% bonus, and if you deposit 100,000 yen or more, you will get a 25% bonus. Therefore, if you deposit 500,000 yen, you can get a bonus of 200,000 yen. Therefore, if you want to get more bonuses, make the first deposit 500,000 yen.

However, I think there are some people who find it difficult to deposit as much as 500,000 yen. In that case, we recommend depositing 100,000 yen. If you deposit 100,000 yen, you will get 100,000 yen as a bonus, so you can double your funds.

● 3rd place overseas Forex bonus XM FX

XM is holding "Account Opening Bonus 3,000 Yen" and "Deposit Bonus Campaign"! In the deposit bonus campaign, you can get 100% bonus up to 50,000 yen deposit and 20% bonus for deposit 50,000 yen or more.

The account opening bonus can be obtained only by submitting identity verification documents and activating the account, so it is relatively easy to obtain.

● 4th overseas Forex bonus FXGT FX

FXGT offers account opening bonus & deposit bonus, but we hold a cycle for deposit bonus campaign. The amount and conditions may change slightly depending on the time of year, so be sure to check before opening an account.

・ Account opening bonus
→ 3,000 yen or 5,000 yen
・ Deposit bonus
→ 1st time: 80% -120% deposit bonus
→ Second time: 40% -50% deposit bonus
→ Always: 20% -30% deposit bonus

It has become. FXGT has a relatively short history of operation, but it can be said to be one of the best in the industry in terms of the level of account opening bonus and deposit bonus.

● 5th overseas Forex bonus IS6FX FX

IS6FX is an overseas Forex trader that offers "account opening bonus" and "100% deposit bonus", and we are putting a lot of effort into the bonus.

Since there are many times when the account opening bonus and the deposit bonus are held at the same time, you can start trading at a good price by opening an account while the campaign is being held at the same time. The bonus is gorgeous and there is a cushioning function, so you can trade profitably with the bonus.

By utilizing the Forex trader introduced here, you can start trading even with your own funds of 0 yen.